The best software for music production in 2022

What is the most popular music software? Which music software do famous producers and rappers use?  What software is best for beginners to start their beat-making enterprise? In this complete guide on best software for music production, we will answer all these questions and shed light on the best music-making programs you should focus on during your research, whether you’re a newbie in music production or an amateur.

Usually, the software for music production is called “DAW.” We shall first define what a DAW is. Then, I will share with you our top 5 free music production software for beginners to start making beats. To finish, we’ll move on to our top 6 beat-making software that everybody agrees on to be the most used by professionals and/or beginners (Ableton, Reason, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Lmms, FLStudio, Cubase, GarageBand).

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what is the best software for music production

What is a music production software, or DAW?

First, a “DAW” is short for “Digital Audio Workstation”. It is a complete package of digital audio recording and editing tools that allows the computer to act as the center of the “recording studio.” In fact, it is not just about recording (though it does that too!) but also about composing, editing, mixing, and mastering. 

In other words, music production software is an all-in-one recording studio solution. A DAW provides all of the tools needed to capture, process, and finalize a song. The greatest DAWs offer powerful effects processing options, giving you access to all of the tools you need in one place. Therefore, If you want to create the next music blockbuster or make your own recording, you will need a DAW. 

However, using music production software requires a lot of knowledge about how digital audio works. But don’t panic! Indeed, we will give you a list of 5 easy-to-use music maker. 

Our list of music software for producing beats

Top 5: What music software is best for beginners?

Let’s answer the popular question: “what is the best beat making software for beginners. In fact, there are many things to think about when choosing a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). For instance: “what features do you need? Do you want something that’s specifically made for beginners, or do you want something more professional for higher-end purposes?”

1) Garageband free music software

Among music software programs, GarageBand is the best free music software for Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, when you start your beatmaking career. 

Indeed, this easy-to-use music software provides simple yet powerful tools for music creation, along with an amazing collection of instruments and sounds. In addition to that, GarageBand can be used on its own or as companion software to Logic or other top software for music production.

Eventually, It’s fun and it’s free and can be used anywhere you want music: in the classroom, the studio, on stage or just on your computer. Really, GarageBand includes everything you need to easily make great-sounding music with your Mac.

Website: click here

OS Compatibility: Mac
In my opinion, GarageBand is the best free music software for beginners on a MAC.

How much is this music software?
It’s a free music editing software available on the app store. You can get the software for free here

2) LMMS beat making software

LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) is a free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, or Logic Pro. Like every beat-making programs, it enables you to record, edit, mix, and arrange all types of audio segments, such as sampled instruments, live audio from microphones, and line-level input.

Website: click here

OS Compatibility: Mac, PC, Linux.
You can use it on a Mac, PC, or Linux (with some limitations on Linux).

How much is this music software?
LMMS is a free software. Download LMMS software for free here

3) La Scratcheuse’s Online Music Maker

La Scratcheuse answers the question: “How to make music without a studio?”. Above all, It is a free music-making website where you get to make exceptional beats without any previous experience with music software or knowledge of music theory. Additionally, La Scratcheuse, which is specialized in urban music, reveals itself to be one of the best free hip-hop beat-making software online.

More accurately, you play on a music pad with packs of loops from different artists and compose you song on a timeline. You can add your voice to the final beat. At the end, you export and download the beats with an automatic mix and mastering.

Really, for any music lover, La Scratcheuse is an online and easy-to-use music software with loops, letting you have a musical blast in no time. Besides, it gives enough incentives and motivation for beginners to pursue their music-making learning on classic DAWs.

Website: click here

OS Compatibility: Mac, PC.
La Scratcheuse is a free music software online. It’s one of the best music-making websites in 2022. 

How much is this music software?
The service is entirely free (up to two beats per day). A premium service lets you create more than 2 beats per day. 

Visit the pricing page: click here

4) Audacity free music software

Audacity is an open source and free music software for recording and editing sounds. It’s actually one of the best recording music software because it’s so easy to use. As a matter of fact, you don’t need any previous experience with audio editing software or a digital audio workstation (DAW) to be able to use it.

The difference with the other DAWs is that you can’t go deep into sound transformation. In short, It’s just a simple and efficient tool to manage different audio tracks and compile them.

Website: click here

OS Compatibilty: Mac, PC, Linux
You can use it on a Mac, a PC, or Linux.

How much is this music software?
It’s a free software. Download Audacity, free music software for production, here

5) Song Maker: Chrome Lab

Song Maker in Chrome Lab is a free writing sheet music software which is part of the Chrome Music Lab Experiments. Besides, no knowledge is required. To clarify, you can change the tempo, the key, the instruments. To sum up, if you don’t want a music production software to create high level production, this free online music software with virtual instruments does the job and makes you a music producer in no time.

Website: Click here

OS Compatibility: Mac, PC, Linux
It’s an online music maker. So, it’s available from your phone or computer as long as you have an internet connection.

How much is this music software?
Song Maker by Chrome Lab is a free music notation software.

Top 6 music software for recording, arranging, editing, and mixing audio used by professionals

1) Beat making software Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation developed by Ableton founders Gerhard Beles and Robert Henke. It is one of the most popular DAWs in music production. As a matter of fact, it’s actually a good rap beat-making software. More accurately, its unique approach to loop composition makes it popular with hip-hop but also with electronic music producers. Actually, the DAW was built with the needs of electronics and hip-hop producers in mind. Therefore, if you’re just starting out with beat-making or composing, Ableton Live is one of the best DAWs you can learn.I 

Website: Click here

OS Compatibility: Mac, PC.
Ableton Live 11 is one of the best software for music production on a Mac or PC.

How much is this music software?
Ableton Live 11 is available in three editions: Intro, Standard, and Suite. While there are common features, Standard and Suite have additional features, instruments, packages, and effects. A free trial is available: Check it here 

Visit the pricing page: Click here 

2) Logic pro X

Logic Pro is a comprehensive audio editing and MIDI sequencer platform. It helps music professionals create and edit dynamic audio tracks with step sequencing, multi-device editing, and real-time iteration. By the way, It was designed for the iOS platform only. 

With Logic Pro, professionals can create and arrange improvisations using buildable loops and samples. Also, they can use Logic Pro’s Step Sequencer and Drummer tools to create drum beats and melodic patterns. Logic Pro comes with an extensive collection of plug-ins and sounds, such as the latest synths, vintage hardware, and sophisticated multisampling instruments. 

Besides, thanks to the Logic Remote Tool allows users to use multi-touch gestures to play built-in software instruments, mix multiple tracks, and control sound filters from any iOS device. 

Website: Click here

OS Compatibility: Mac/PC
Logic Pro may be the best software for music production on a Mac.

How much is this music software?
A 90-day free trial is available here

Visit the pricing page: Click here

3) Pro Tools music software

Pro Tools music software is an audio editing program that helps beginners and professional music producers record and edit soundtracks to create songs. This solution allows administrators to record musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) performances, use nudge notes, automate playlist tracking, and process vocal sounds to create awesome musical content. 

With Pro Tools, you can cut clips, reorganize audio and optimize soundtracks for audio management using the editing toolbar. Thanks to Pro Tools, you can create unique sounds by timestamping tracks, matching sound beats, and compiling multiple takes.

Website: Click here

OS Compatibility: Mac/PC
It can be used on either a Mac or a PC.

How much is this music software?
You need to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis to get access to Pro Tools services.

Visit the pricing page: here

4) Beat making software FL Studio 20

FL Studio is a complete music creation software that enables musicians and producers to create, mix, and master music to the highest professional standards. The built-in piano roll allows users to easily arrange notes and create complex tracks.

To expand your sonic experience, FL Studio offers a variety of plug-ins, synths, and effects through its online store at an additional cost. For additional audio capabilities, the software supports all VST standards 1, 2, and 3, allowing users to integrate any type of VST plug-in.

Website: Click here

OS Compatibility: Mac, PC.
FL Studio is one of the best music software for production available on MAC or PC. It is available on mobile via iOS, Android, and Windows apps.

How much is this music software?
You can buy the software and add options. 

Visit the pricing page: here

5) Cubase 11 music software

Cubase is a music production solution that helps businesses in the music industry modify audio files and create tracks. 

Features include sample tracks, batch exporter, notepad, scale assistant, latency monitoring, colorized mixer channel, and more. Also, Cubase’s track import functionality lets musicians synchronize data between projects and import folders, tracks, groups, and FX from other projects.

WebsiteClick here

OS Compatibility: Mac/PC
Cubase is a music production software for MAC and PC

How much is this music software?
It is available with one-time payments from $99 to $599. However, you can use the free trial first here 

Visit the pricing page: here (go to the bottom of the page)

6) Reason 12 music software

Reason 12 is especially popular with sound engineers and electronic musicians because it gives users the ability to manage a variety of virtual instruments.

Created by Propellerhead Software in Sweden, the program is essentially a standalone digital music studio with virtual instruments, samplers, mixers, and more. 

One one hand, the software can be used as a standalone virtual recording studio. On the other hand, it can also be controlled by other applications such as Pro Tools or Logic. Historically, Reason 12 was completely software-based, with the main feature of sequencing and mixing only electronic and virtual instruments. However, the latest version of Reason 12 now claims to expand its functionality as a standalone software, including audio recording capabilities.

WebsiteClick here

OS Compatibility: Mac/PC
Reason 12 is one of the best programs for creating music on a PC or a MAC.

How much is this music software?
You have to buy the software, and you can subscribe to Reason+, which is a service letting you access fresh packs of sounds every week as well as new virtual instruments and more. 

Visit the pricing page: here

Music software used by artists

What beat-making software do rappers use?
I recommend you read this blog post on to see the kind of equipment used by producers, especially your famous hip-hop producers and rappers: Kanye West, Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator, Drake, and the famous Dr.Dre. 

What music software does Kanye use?

What music software does Travis Scott use?

What music software does Toby Fox use?

To sum up, In our opinion, FL STUDIO, PRO TOOLS, and FL STUDIO are the best beat-making software for hip hop.

Let’s conclude this post about the best music production software of 2022

In this post, we shared our top 5 music software for beginners as well as our top 6 professional music software, like FL Studio, that are used by artists such as Travis Scott and Drake. If you’re new to music production, we hope this post has helped you narrow down the music software that you should look into.

However, if you lack skills and music theory knowledge, it can be hard to take control of these music-making programs. Plus, it can cost you a bunch of dollars. That is why we encourage beginners to start their music making career and journey with easy-to-use music software or websites such as or even Google Music Lab to be confident in investing time and money in these music software programs. 

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