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  • «I like how easy it is and the quality of it, this site is very good for begginers»
  • «It's just really smooth and sick I love it»
  • «The beat and the tone that Karma Beats did in Smith and wesson is amazing. I love the way all the artists perform their music here, it amazes me! Good job everyone!»
  • «It's my first time doing one and I am so proud. It sounds really professional. I love this!»
  • «It makes me wanna freestyle and dance to it»
  • «I love this website and hope to make new projects to hopefully fulfil my dreams of becoming an artist»
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What is La Scratcheuse ?

Choose quality sound kits, play live, record and download beats

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Record beats to fit your rap or for the fun of making music. Start the creation of your first compilation, listen to and download it or share it to your friends

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Multi-styles vinyls (sound kits) for you to make rich and varied beats. These sound kits are shared freely by member of the community and professional producers

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Everyday, nearly 500 users have fun making beats for their own musical projects : music for a video, music for a rap, make a present to someone, learn beat production…

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