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Record and download as many beats as you want.
Ads free.

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Get rid of Ads

Get rid of Ads

Make music without being interrupted by ads.

Every time you want to play with a vinyl, you have to wait up to 30 seconds to skip the ad.

Get a premium pass, join the club and enjoy a smooth, ads-free experience for 30 days.

Record and learn music

Record unlimited beats

Remove any limitation of your music creation.

The pass allows you to record as many beats as you want for 30 days. Without it, you can only record 1 beat per day.

It’s the perfect deal for your long nights playing music and being creative.

Download and share beats to your community

Download your beats for free

Share your songs to the world on TikTok, Youtube,...

Without the pass, you need to pay $0.99 for each beat you want to download. If you want to download more than 5 beats, then the pass is really the best deal there is!

For example, 10 beats cost $9.90 when bought individually. With a pass, you can download these 10 beats and more for $4.99 only. ;)

Support our work

Support our work

We are 3 young French people creating the best online music maker we can, to connect all kinds of musicians together.

That’s our mission! By getting a pass, not only are you enjoying the best music making experience you can, but you are also supporting our work and our mission. So what do you say?

What our users say

Feedbacks of users who bought a pass

  • "I downloaded all my beats on my phone, and can't stop listening to them! I feel so proud that I made those, thank you for this wonderful website :)"
  • "I downloaded my beat and put it in a playlist at a party. So sick to see people dance on a song I made!"
  • "I listen to my beats every morning in the subway on my way to school. It gives me new ideas, and I can't wait for the evening to make new beats and improve them 😃"
  • "I made a beat, wrote a rap, and uploaded it on Tiktok. Got so many likes, check it out! My dream came true, I'm feeling like a real producer now, thank you! ❤"
  • "Thank you so much! Couldn't find a soundtrack for my Youtube video, made one on this website, and it fits perfectly. You guys rock"

Your frequently asked questions

About the premium pass

How do I purchase a Pass?

To purchase a pass, you can use your credit card. Prepaid credit cards also work. Click on « Get a Pass » to open the payment form. The payment is secured by our partner Stripe.

What happens after I buy a Pass?

Connected to this account, you will no longer have to watch ads when selecting a vinyl. All beats you record during the Pass period will stay in your collection after the Pass expires. Finally, you will be able to download every beat for free during your Pass period.

When will my Pass expire?

The pass lasts 30 days from the day you bought it. Once you have a pass, you can check your pass status and its expiration date.

What licence do I own with the beats I download?

When you download a beat, you have the right to use it and to share it as long as it is not for commercial issues. So no worries even if you go viral on TikTok or Youtube with your awesome beat. Go for it! For monetization and commercial issues, we plan to upgrade the premium pass with new rights. Please contact us if you plan on doing so.

What does the free version allow?

In the free version, you can use the beat maker with no restriction. You have access to the whole collection of music loops. The number of beats you can record is one per day and to download a beat, it is $0.99.

Any questions about the Pass? Please fill this comment form

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