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  • Is my data safe on LS ?
    Yes, your data is completely safe on La Scratcheuse.
    We implemented security measures so that only you can access your sensible information.
    Besides, we don't sell any of your data to any external service.
    You can read more about how your data is used in our data policy.
  • Can I use LS without an account ?
    Yes. LS is completely free, and you can use our website, create beats, ... even if you don’t have an account.
    Without a free account, you can still:
    • Have an unlimited access to packs of sounds
    • Make up to 2 beats / day
    • Favorite packs of sounds
    However, your capabilities are limited, you can’t comment, like, download, ... So we recommend , so that you have the best and most personalized free experience.
  • Are my payments secured ?
    Yes, your payments are 100% safe and secured by our partners Stripe or Paypal.
    Stripe and Paypal are a PCI Service Provider Level 1.
    It is the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.
    Learn more on Stripe security and Paypal security.
  • My payment failed, what should I do ?
    Your payment can fail for several reasons:
    • The information you provided is wrong. The displayed error should warn you about the wrong field, please fill in the right information.
    • Your bank refuses the payment.
    If your bank refuses the payment, you can:
    • Try again. Sometimes, an unexpected error such as a network issue can happen and trying again solves the issue.
    • Try using Paypal. If you have a Paypal account, the payment has almost a 100% chance to succeed.
    • Try using another credit card.
    • If none of these solutions worked, you should contact your bank to check with them why the payment was refused. After contacting them and getting the answer, please contact us to tell us the reason, so that we can work on improving our payments system. Thank you very much !
  • Can I cancel my premium plan ?
    Yes, you can cancel your premium plan at any time by going to your 'My plan' page under the settings menu.
    Once on this page, click on the 'CANCEL' button, confirm the operation, and you'll be instantaneously out.
    You can cancel your subscription in only 2 clicks.
    No fees will be applied if you cancel your plan and you'll still be able to enjoy its premium features for the remaining days.
  • Can I enjoy my premium plan if I cancel it ?
    Yes, you can still enjoy your premium features until the end of your subscription, even if you canceled it before its expiry date.
  • Is it possible to ask for a refund ?
    No, you can't get a refund for your current plan period.
    However, you can cancel your plan at any time, for the next recurrent fees to stop.
  • Can beginners easily use the music maker ?
    Yes, absolutely ! La Scratcheuse was built to enable beginners to make good beats quickly and easily.
    So far, thanks to a free library of sounds, a simple vinyl pad, a timeline and a voice recorder, we count thousands of beginners making beats every day.
  • How do I make a beat on La Scratcheuse ?
    You must choose a pack to open the music maker. Once you’ve opened the music maker, a vinyl pad appears with your sounds loaded in it.
    Click on a section of the vinyl to activate a sound. Click on the same section again to stop the sound immediately. After launching the first sound, every other sound you launch will be activated at the beginning of the next loop. There is a circular timer at the center of the vinyl telling you when the next loop begins.
    All sounds last the same portion of time, follow the same rhythm, and are on the same key, so that any combination you try sounds good to your ear.
  • Can I use my own sounds with the music maker ?
    No, for now you can't upload your sounds on our music maker. You can only play with the packs of sounds available on the website.
    To use your own sounds, you have to publish a pack.
    You'll then become one of our publishers and the whole community will be able to play with your pack as well.
  • Can I download my beats ?
    Yes, with the premium plan it is possible.
    To download one on your beats, go to your 'My beats' page, then click on the 'Download' icon.
    You can also download it from the radio when your beat is playing.
    You can download your beats as many times as you want, but you should to do so.
    Your beats will be downloaded with a high .wav quality format.
  • What can I do with my beats ?
    You can do whatever you like with beats created on royalty free packs: sell them, use them as soundtracks in your monetized videos, or just listen to them for your personal pleasure.
    Packs with the crown icon are not royalty free, that means that beats created with these packs are for your personal use only.
    You can’t make any money with them.
    We’re working on bringing you only royalty free packs in the future, so that you have complete freedom on how to use your beats.
  • Can I sell my beats ?
    Yes, you can sell and do what you like with beats created on our packs of sounds. However, beats created on packs with a crown icon are for your personal use only.
  • Can I use my beat in a video ?
    Yes you can ! A lot of video producers use LS to create soundtracks for their videos.
    Beats created with royalty free sounds can be used in monetized videos.
    Beats created on these non royalty free packs of sounds can be used in your personal or public videos, but you can’t monetize them, as they will probably be striked due to copyright infringement.
  • What is included in the free plan ?
    In the free plan (when you have an account), you can:
    • Access all our sounds
    • Make 2 beats per day
    • Like and comment beats
    • Save your favorite packs
    If you don't already have a free account, to unlock these features !
    You can also read more about our different offers on our .

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