5 awesome guitar beat instrumentals to download for free

This month, we wanted to put the guitar in the spotlight. So we searched for five guitar beat instrumentals that you can download for free. 

Be sure to download them and put them in your beat collection. Read the post to get an analysis of the beats and a quick presentation of every beat maker involved in the composition of these beats. Also, don’t forget to encourage the beat maker by following their YouTube channel and liking their videos.

Free Nostalgic Guitar beat

Check out this nostalgic guitar rap beat made by JustDanBeats.

Download this free nostalgic guitar instrumental

You can download it for free here on the beat maker’s website. : Download

Instrumental info and analysis

  • Name: Life Over Money
  • BPM: 150
  • Key: Em

The song was released on Youtube in February this year. We had a big crush on this beat. The guitar melodies are so relaxing as well as nostalgic. Indeed, this feeling is especially evoked by the melody during the chorus. The latter has some kind of gypsy spirit. Also, there is this voice sample that brings some kind of sadness to the song.

About the beat maker, JustDanBeats

JustDanBeats is well-known on YouTube, where he has amassed a following of 106K subscribers. Besides, he’s very active on the network. Indeed, he uploads new beats on a weekly basis. The beat maker is a genius. He is only 15 years old and he already produces bad ass beats in many rap sub-genres (trap, hip hop, heavy trap, etc. to melodic lo-fi, R&B and pop).

Go follow him and discover all his beats: Go

Acoustic guitar instrumental for free

Check out this acoustic guitar beat instrumental made by Ryini Beats.

Download this acoustic guitar rap beat instrumental

You can download it for free here on Ryini’s website: Download

Instrumental info and analysis

  • Name: Magic
  • BPM: 120
  • Key: Am

This is a no-drum beat. Ryni’s let us travel with two acoustic guitars. The first one plays the song chord, which brings the rhythm and the general atmosphere of the song. The second one brings the color of the song and evokes a nostalgic and happy feeling.

About the beat maker, Ryini Beats

Ryini Beats is a Californian musician. He’s a very talented guitarist who provides guitar samples to beatmakers or makes instrumentals for artists. What’s interesting about Ryini is that, aside from hip hop, he studied rock, blues, and metal at Berkeley and could introduce these music styles into rap beats. So for every guitar lover, you must go to Ryini’s Youtube channel to listen to amazing guitar instrumentals.

Go follow the artist: Go

Sad guitar rap instrumental

Check out this sad guitar beat instrumental made by WayTooLost.

Download this sad guitar instrumental for free

You can download it for free on the artist’s website: Download

Instrumental info and analysis

  • Name: Mind Yourself
  • BPM: 154
  • Key: F#m

“Mind Yourself” is a song that will make you lose your mind. During verses, there are these echoed voices and an oscillating melody that bring a mesmerizing aspect to the song. Also, to contrast with this heavy atmosphere, an acoustic guitar intervenes during the chorus with a simple and nostalgic melody.

About the beat maker, WayTooLost

Waytoolost is a group of two German hip-hop producers. With 14.3K followers on their Youtube channel, Locobeats, the group regularly posts beats. They enjoy making beats in the style of Gunna, Young Thug, or Lil Gotit. 

Go follow the artists: Go

Blues guitar type beat

Check out this Blues guitar beat made by Black Lion Beatz.

Download this Blues guitar type beat for free

You can download it for free here on the beat maker’s website: Download

Instrumental info and analysis

  • Name: Crossroads
  • BPM: 70
  • Key: Cm

For all fans of rock and blues, this song will appeal to you. All the ingredients are there, such as a good rock drummer and an awesome guitar solo. Like most guitar and blues beats, a nostalgic feeling is triggered. However, listening to the song also evoked the feeling of a lone road trip.

About the beat maker, Black Lion Beatz

Black Lion Beatz is a sound producer based in the U.S. He is very active on YouTube, with 34.6K followers on his channel. Besides, he regularly uploads beats on a weekly basis. You can find rap and R & B type beats for free.

Go follow him and discover all his beats: Go

Guitar instrumental for love songs

Check out this guitar instrumental for love songs made by Tower Beatz.

Download this romantic guitar beat for free

You can download it for free here on Tower Beatz’s website: Download

Beat information and analysis

  • Name: True Love
  • BPM: 83
  • Key: Em

“True love” is a beat with a loving combination of a guitar and a piano. Both instruments invite us to a romantic ballad. While the guitar plays the same notes through all the songs, the piano leads the beat with different melodies. Finally, the drum kick and the bass on the back resonate like a real heartbeat.

About the beat maker, Tower Beatz

This is the second time we’ve featured a beat by the Peruvian beatmaker Tower Beatz. Certified Platinum, the producer has collaborated with great artists like Bad Bunny or Amarion.

Go follow him and discover all his beats: Go

See you next month for new free instrumentals

We wish you a good end of summer with these five guitar beats. By the way, it’s not too late to compose your own guitar beat. Just go to www.lascratcheuse.com and play with our free and easy beat maker online.

Anyway, see you in September for a new list of free beats!


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