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The autopilot controls the vinyl for you

Activate it and samples will automatically be launched and stopped at the right time.

Record a beat

Click on this button to start recording your next track. Click once more to finish your recording.

Your beats must be at least 30s long.

Group samples together

Click on this button to start / stop grouping sounds together.
Solo them or stop them at the same time to create amazing drops... Get creative!

Group Grouping

When the solo is activated, only the grouped samples are played. The other samples are muted.

Switch the group

This button switches the grouped and ungrouped samples.

Stop several samples at once

Click on this button and all the grouped sounds will be stopped at the same time.

Cancel current group

This button cancels the currrent selection and the effects applied to it.


We want to create the best game for you.

We're always keen on new ideas, new comments on how we could improve La Scratcheuse.

So feel free to send us any feedback, whether it's an idea, a pain you're experiencing, a feature you'd like to see, or just a 'thank you' if you liked the game :)


Your frequently asked questions

How to make a beat on this vinyl machine ?
Click on the vinyl to activate / deactivate loops.
You can group loops together and perform actions on the set: solo, stop, reverse.
Select the "Autopilot" mode to be proposed different combinaisons of intruments at each loop.
Can I record and save a beat ?
To record a beat, click on the red record button below the vinyl. If you're playing, recording will start the next loop, else it will record as soon as you play.
Click on the record button again when your beat is finished to stop recording.
Name it and save it to your own collection, then you can download it or share it
Can I download the beats that I record ?
Yes, you can download your personal beats.
For now, the tracks you download from La Scratcheuse can only be for personal use and no commercial applications are allowed.