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Learn more about how to use our music maker to make the best beats.

  • Can beginners easily use the music maker ?
    Yes, absolutely ! La Scratcheuse was built to enable beginners to make good beats quickly and easily.
    So far, thanks to a free library of sounds, a simple vinyl pad, a timeline and a voice recorder, we count thousands of beginners making beats every day.
  • How do I make a beat on La Scratcheuse ?
    You must choose a pack to open the music maker. Once you’ve opened the music maker, a vinyl pad appears with your sounds loaded in it.
    Click on a section of the vinyl to activate a sound. Click on the same section again to stop the sound immediately. After launching the first sound, every other sound you launch will be activated at the beginning of the next loop. There is a circular timer at the center of the vinyl telling you when the next loop begins.
    All sounds last the same portion of time, follow the same rhythm, and are on the same key, so that any combination you try sounds good to your ear.
  • How do I use the options (group, solo, ...) ?
    The menu of options is on the right of the vinyl pad. It allows you to group sounds, then act on this group.
    First click on the 'Group' button, then select sounds on the vinyl to group them.
    After you select a group of sounds, you can:
    • use the 'Solo' button to only hear the group
    • use the 'Switch' button to invert the selection
    • use the 'Stop' button to stop the selection.
    • use the 'Cancel' button to cancel the selection.
  • Is there a manual for the music maker ?
    Yes, there is. Select a pack to open the music maker, then click on the interrogation point button on the top right section of the screen to open the manual.
    Read the instructions to understand all the features of the music maker.
  • How do I record my voice on my beat ?
    First of all, you should record a beat before adding your voice.
    Then, from the controllers at the bottom of the screen, click on the 'microphone' button to record voices. You can record voices at any time of your beat by placing the cursor wherever you want on the timeline.
  • Can I use my own sounds with the music maker ?
    No, for now you can't upload your sounds on our music maker. You can only play with the packs of sounds available on the website.
    To use your own sounds, you have to publish a pack.
    You'll then become one of our publishers and the whole community will be able to play with your pack as well.
  • Will there be more features on the music maker ?
    Yes of course ! We're constantly developing and improving our music maker to provide you with the best experience possible 🙂
    Please, feel free to contact us to suggest new features, we'll be happy to hear from you !
  • How do I suggest a new feature ?
    To suggest a feature, please contact us.
    In your message, please tell us:
    • what your feature is
    • how you see it working (context, user experience, ...)
    • why you think you or the rest of the community you would like it.
    Even if you just have an idea, but don't see how it could be implemented, share it with us ! We're always keen to know your wishes 😊
  • How to structure a beat ?
    Even if you know how to use our music maker, build and structure a beat is a complete different story.
    Read articles on our blog if you want to understand how a beat is usually structured, what is a chorus, a bridge, ...
  • How do I record a beat on the music maker ?
    To record a beat, click on the red button at the bottom of the screen. From that moment, each loop you play on the vinyl pad is recorded on the timeline.
    At any time, you can stop your recording, listen to it, rewrite loops and resume recording new loops thanks to the timeline.
  • What is a pack on La Scratcheuse ?
    A pack is made of 15-20 sounds. All sounds last the same amount of time, follow the same rhythm, and are in the same key, so that any combination you try on the vinyl pad sounds good to your ear.
  • Who made the packs of sounds ?
    The packs of sounds that are available for free on La Scratcheuse, are actually made by professional producers who are willingly sharing 100% royalty free sounds so that you can have fun and start a career.
  • How do I favorite packs of sounds ?
    To favorite a pack, click on the 'heart' button accessible from any pack cover on the website's librairies.
    Once a pack is selected and loaded, you can also favorite them by clicking on the 'like' button in the vinyl pad header.
    Then you can find the list of all of your favorite packs from your favorites page.

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