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  • How do I comment on a beat ?
    Click on the 'Comment' button on a beat in a beats list to open the comments section.
    For beats in your 'My beats' page, you have to open the submenu on the right of the beat to access the 'Comment' button.
    You need to be to comment on a beat.
  • How do I follow a user ?
    To follow a user, hover on their name on one of their beats.
    A 'follow' modal will appear, from where you can click on 'Follow'.
    If you click on the DJ’s name, you’ll access their profile.
    You’ll see their favorite packs of sounds, beats, ... and you can follow them from there too.
    The list of the people you follow is here.
    You can check the users following you here, and follow them back from there too.
  • Who are the other users ?
    The other users are people like you that genuinely love and want to make music.
    They’re mostly young people (13 - 25yo), with no or few skills in music, that want to make some beats to become a professional beatmaker, sell beats, rap on them, or just play around and have some fun.
    Experienced musicians and beatmakers love to create beats on LS too.
    Talk to our other users to discover their stories ! 😉
  • How do I like a beat ?
    Click on the 'heart' icon on the left of a beat to like it.
    You can like it from the radio when the beat is playing too.
    You should be to like a beat.
    Your favorite beats are then stored in your profile here.
    Show some love to other users by liking your favorite beats !
  • What is the 'Friday beat' competition ?
    Every Friday at 12.00 UTC, we elect the beat that received the most likes during the week.
    Only the beats made in the past month are eligible.
    Share your beat to your friend to increase your chances of winning !
  • How many people are there on La Scratcheuse ?
    At the moment of writing, there are roughly 12000 beatmakers like you eager to learn and create music, most of them dreaming of becoming a professional beatmaker.
  • How do I share a beat ?
    To share a beat, click on the 'Share' button on the right of every beat.
    Then select the social media you want to share it onto, or copy / paste your beat’s URL to share it to your friends !
    You can share it from the radio when the beat is playing too.

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