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Integrate your iframe

Your code

1) Insert the i-frame in your website

2) Make sure to set the right dimensions for the i-frame

  • Facebook page
  • Joomla
  • Drupal 7
  • Squarespace
  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Overblog
  • Coding on your own
  • IMPORTANT NOTE : you can embed external websites in a Facebook tab only if your page has 2000 fans at least.

    To embed a vinyl in your Facebook page:

    1) Go to your Facebook page and enter "Static HTML: iframe tabs" in the search bar or visit this direct link.

    2) Click the "Add Static HTML to a Page" button

    3) Choose your Facebook page to add the iframe tab and click the add button

    4) Insert your iframe code in index.html, and click on 'Save and Publish'

    The iframe should appear when published.

    Our i-frame should appear in a 'Welcome' tab by default. If you want to rename it, go to 'Edit tab'. Once on the dashboard, 'Actions' > 'Edit name and image', change your tab name, and click on 'Save and Publish'.

  • If you downloaded Wordpress, and hosted it on your server:

    1) Go to the admin panel through one of these adresses :

    2) Create a new article or page in the left-side menu

    3) In your text-editor, pick 'Text' tab, and insert our code directly in the editor

    The iframe should appear when published.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE : you need VIP access to embed external websites.

    For free members, only the main platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, ... are allowed.

    If you're a VIP member,

    1) Go to your post editor

    2) Click on "Add Embed"

    3) A window will pop up. Be sure to select the "Insert Embed" tab.

    4) Paste our code into this window, and click “Insert.”

    5) A shortcode will be inserted in your post, representing your protected embed.

    6) Set your width and height according to our dimensions in the shortcode generated, as explained here.

    Additional info is provided here.

    The iframe should appear when published.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE : to integrate our i-frame, you'll first have to remove 'iframe' from Joomla 'prohibited elements'.

    1) Log in

    Go to the admin panel at

    Enter your username and password

    2) In the top menu, click 'Extensions' > 'Plug-in Manager'

    3) In the left menu under 'Filter', click 'Select Type' > 'editors'. In the list of results, click 'Editor - TinyMCE'

    4) Scroll down until you find the 'Prohibited Elements' setting, and remove ',iframe' from 'script,applet,iframe'

    5) Click 'Save' in the top left menu

    You are now able to use the HTML editor within the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor without worrying about your iframe code being stripped out.

  • 1) Log in as admin to your site dashboard

    2) 'Add content' > new 'Article' or 'Basic page'

    3) Under 'Body', set 'Text format' to 'Full HTML', and insert our i-frame code

    4) 'Save', and the i-frame should appear

  • 1) Open a page or post editor

    2) Click on a point on the left of your page to insert a block or on the '+' in the top right corner

    3) Select 'Embed' from the menu

    4) Click the '</>' icon in the URL field, and paste our i-frame code

    If required, additional info is provided here.

    Our i-frame should appear.

  • Go to your admin panel

    1) Click on 'Pages' or 'Articles' on the left menu

    2) Create or edit a new page or article.

    3) When the editor appears, choose the HTML panel

    4) Insert our code. It's as simple as that !

    The iframe should appear when published.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE : Wix does not support fullscreen.

    Be careful to set the right dimensions. You can find instructions for the dimensions here and explanation about Wix fullscreen support here.

    1) Select your wix website and go in the editor.

    2) On the left menu, click on 'Add' > 'More' > 'Embed a Site'.

    3) On the frame that was created, click 'Enter Website Address', and enter your iframe url ''.

    4) Resize the iframe according to dimensions.

    The iframe should appear when published.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE : Overblog fixes a 200px max-height for iframes for mobiles.

    Our iframe won't be accessible by Safari for iPhones on Overblog.

    When writing a new post or page,

    1) Click on 'Insert a section here' > 'HTML'.

    2) Insert your code.

    The iframe should appear when published.

    Alternate method: you can also click on 'Source' icon in the text editor, and insert your code.

  • If you're a web developer and coding your own website, simply integrate the code given above.

    No extra CSS or JS is needed.

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